Powers signed a partnership agreement with Hirosaka.

Powers start distributing Hirosaka products.

Masaaki Hirosaka, who has achieved thousands of success at world championships and other international races as the best R/C car mechanic in the world, launched his own brand "Hirosaka" this autumn. This news brings a big surprise to people in the R/C industry but it also make them very happy because it means that people will be able to find ingenious techniques more familiar.

So far Hirosaka products have been sold by mail order, but Powers and Hirosaka agreed that Powers would become the exclusive distributor of Hirosaka products for Japanese market (and for overseas market as of January 1, 2005). This means that people will be able to purchase Hirosaka products at local hobby stores both in Japan and in other countries.

Upon this agreement Mr. Hirosaka will work as a supervisor of Powers products. Powers will continue to introduce quality products to R/C enthusiasts in the world with the help of Mr. Hirosaka.

December 2004

Takashi Hara (left) of the Hit Corporation shakes hands with Masaaki Hirosaka (right) of Hirosaka on their partnership agreement, hoping to develop and introduce more particular and more exciting R/C products into the market.