Wheel Controller REALDRIVE

USB Game Wheel Controller(RC Type)
Adjustable Steering exponential, steering dual rate and brake rate to easy to control your cars(on Games) with this Controller. And also, 4 button's hat switch enable to adjust the accurate running of your Cars on the game with just 1-touch. Then you can feel like running Real RC on games with this controller!!

Available with USB, Easy-to-use!

Included useful 4-direction Switch
Adjustable Switch of Steering Exponential
Equipped multiple functions in Racing Game Controller as it is the first to control your cars(on Games) freely in the world.
This Controller offers you that Easy to improve your driving Skill with it as you ,who always feel difficult to get used your cars on the game, can match the machine characteristic with your driving Skill with the controller!!
Available for 4 direction hat switch and be able to control your Car with 1-touch!!

The marvelous hobby worlds where an advanced technique requires you a thing that a great concentration against making you interrupted even a moment is not permitted, and the scale speed of real RC racing are more than a reaching real car is needed for 500Km/h. Foil + trigger control system ,which is widespread in the RC world, is introduced into this game controller with excellent Driving-interface.
You couldn't reach your Best Lap with normal controllers, but if you use this controller, you are able to achieve your Best Lap!!!

Steering Exponential
Use this function when your car turns too quickly. With this function, the output signal becomes exponential. This function is suitable for the games that require sensitive steering operation, such as Formula One games. This is function does not affect the maximum steering angle. When steering wheel moves in maximum range, steering angle will be maximal.
Operation: Slide the switch to the right for ON and left for OFF. If this function is ON, the car steering moves exponentially to transmitter operation. If this function is OFF, the car steering moves direct-proportionally to transmitter operation.

Steering Dual Rate
Use this function to adjust maximum steering angle. This is useful when your car oversteers or the track is slippery.
Operation: Turn the dial to right to increase maximum steering angle and turn it to left to decrease the angle of maximum steering.

Steering wheel function instruction;
The game beginners who cannot operate in detail may start decreasing the steering dual rate, and the reaction of your car becomes obedient.
It must become used to the operation, and the customer who wants to control the trace line of your cars more correctly, must turn on Anti-liner to turn on. And then, please decrease the steering dual rate if it is still sensitive.

Adjustable Brake

Use this function to adjust brake amount. In racing games, it is necessary to make an brake at corners. If brake works too much, the car will be spin, or will run too slow. This function provides you adjust brake effect to your favorite brake level even if the trigger is fully pushed to brake side

Operation: Turn the knob clockwise to increase brake amount.
Turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease..

4 direction hat switch
Designed one knob functions to work with 4-direction switch.This function provides control more quick than

4-direction switch.
move the knob to left
move the knob to downward
move the knob to right
move the knob to upward


The game controller screen in the control panel of the personal computer is opened in the beginning. The power supply of the transmitter is turned on, the USB connector of the converter is connected with USB Port of the personal computer next, and, then, the driver's installation starts by the automatic operation.

Note: Please connect it with USB Port after this container might not be recognized according to the personal computer, the power supply of the personal computer is turned on with this container connected with USB Port in that case or the personal computer starts oppositely. Moreover, it might not be recognized that the hub is used.
Please follow the instruction of the monitor screen now. The thing that the Installation (Windows CD) is requested according to OS and work for a few minutes depending on the personal computer. When the converter recognize, it will show you, "Game controller of two axis four button". (For 98Me. ) Afterwards, please set the controller in property.

Attention: Please make the adjustment function switch etc. of this container the following before it adjusts it.

Brake Rate ---------Turn the tub to right until stop
Steering Dual Rate --------Turn the deal to right until stop
Steering Anti-liner ---------Turn OFF on left side

A neutral position and the amount of operation are set to the personal computer side by this work.

Item No.
Wheel Controller REALDRIVE