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ARF film applied. Composed of 2-part main wings and 2-part fuselage.
(*Not a disassembled model)

Available in blue and red.
WING SPAN 1,240mm
WING AREA 32.5dm2
LENGTH 940mm
Compatible engines 2 ST 19-40 class
Weight of airframe only Approx. 500g`
WEIGHT Approx. 850g - 1,000g

The ARF XEBEC19-40KIT consists of the following parts
Main wings (left and right), 2 main wings and 1 sub wings
Flaps left and right (the smaller area is for the inner wing)
Fuselage front and rear, EX mount material and balsa spacers
Stabilizers and elevators (left and right)
Linkage, aluminum landing gear, tailwheel
4 M3x10 bolts, 2 M3x25 bolts, 4 M3x8 flat washers, 6 M3 nuts
Other parts are to be provided by the customer.

item name
XEBEC19-35 ARF blue
JPY 36000-
XEBEC19-35 ARF red
JPY 36000-

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Total dimensions of 3 sides when packed : 120size
Weight when packed : 1500g

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Example . (If shipping to California, USA)
Xebec 19-35@36000yen
shipping and paypal fee 8770 yen
total 44770yen