The Hit Corporation & Powers International

The model product distributor "the Hit Corporation" with the global brand "POWERS" was established by Takashi Hara, setting a goal to increase the popularity of R/C models in the world. POWERS endeavor to provide high quality products such as Powers battery to model fans in the world. In order to reach our goal, we communicate very closely with the world's best R/C model manufactures. Also we have established a unique inventory management system and integrated warehouse with a delivery control center.
Takashi Hara had actively played the control line and won prizes in world championships before he entered into the model industries. He has been engaged in the model industries for more than 30 years. Then, he established the POWERS brand in order to contribute to the growth of R/C model industries.
Takashi Hara on the cover page of Aero Modeller (October 1980), the famous model airplane magazine in England.

The integrated delivery center is located in a suburb where no traffic congestion occurs. It enables fast loading and on-schedule shipment. Clean warehouse keeps the products in the best condition, and roomy arrangement of racks and shelves enables easy and reliable inventory management.

Racks and shelves are divided for each manufacture, and full line-ups of most manufactures are on stock. We have meetings very often in our office in order to provide best products from all over the world. The topics are wide-ranged; from quality of new product to new inventory management system.

Overseas sales department is equipped with the latest computer system for the communication and prompt business management. Powers original products, advertisements, instruction manuals and web site are designed here.
Powers International Head Office

317 OSONE, yashio-shi, Saitama 340-0834
TEL : 81-48-998-5438 FAX : 81-48-998-5455

7-29-16 Yashio, yashio-shi, Saitama 340-0815

Taken on June 24th, 1995
Hi ! I'm Chance !
The most important staff of Powers, "Chance" the security dog.