Digi Grip Zone(Useful Tips)

<When you heat your tires with Digi Grip by tire warmer...>
Our test results indicate that tires heated without being covered by paper towel leads better performance than with it due to well absorbed Digi Grip.

* To keep Digi Grip purely, wipe inner surfaces/belts of tire warmer well using parts cleaner before heating.

<Useful knowledge of DG Tire Care Cleaner>
Under concept of "clean without destroying rubber surface", DG Tire Care Cleaner is developed as the one and only cleaner for rubber tire solely.

Existing spray type cleaner could;Destroy rubber and disturbed absorption of traction additive.Make tires deformed then lead sliding due to run out of additive.

DG Tire Care Cleaner can settle all problems like mentioned above and keep good performance for a long time.

<Digi Grip Usage Example>
Don't use Digi Grip for tires coated by any additives from other manufacturer as it may cause less effectiveness.Shake sufficiently before use.

1. Clean the surface of tires using DG tire care cleaner.
2. Supply a sufficient layer of Digi Grip to the surface of tires.
3. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
.... - Leaving longer time results stronger grip.
4. Warm tires up for 5-10 minutes.
.... - Warming up longer time results longer last (too long warming may cause evaporation)
.... - Suggested Warming up time: 5-10 minutes at 60-70C (according to our test)
5. Wipe the surface and now ready to run.