NAM-NAM Blushless Motor

Blushless Motor Specialized for Mini Scale Car Available

Color: Blue
Ni-CD/Ni-MH 6-10cells
Li-Po 2-3cell
RPM/V 3700/4200/4800
Continuous Current 15A
Max.Current 20A
Shaft diameter 2.0mm
Shaft Size


Motor Size Diameter:22mm
Heat-sink included:Diameter 24mmLength 36mm
Weight 58g
Max.Correspond Temp. 65degrees.
Power Max 110W

Inner Rotor Blushless Motor
(2 Pole Motor)

Using 2mm Shaft, available many type of car by bolt-on with 3 type of motor's tapped hole
mounting screw end : tip2.0mm/2.6mm/3.0mm(Depth 4mm)
Mounting screw pitch:12.4mm/16mm/17mm
Gold plug : mounting 3 male connecter
Gold plug : 3 female connecter accessory
With shrink tube accessory

Example of Mini-inforno
Example of equipped with Tamtech-gear
Example of NRC-18

Recommended KV for following each type of car
Mini-Inforno:KV3700/KV4200 (Pinion 10-11T)
Tam-tech gear :KV3700/KV4200/KV4800/KV5400 (Pinion 12-18T)
NRX-18:KV3700/KV4200/KV4800/KV5400 (Pinion 21T)

Item No.
NAM-NAM Blushless Motor KV3700
NAM-NAM Blushless Motor KV4200
NAM-NAM Blushless Motor KV4800
NAM-NAM Blushless Motor KV5400

Tam-tech gear (movie)
Blushless Motor KV4200 16T ESC(NAM-NAM) 6.68MB
Mini-inforno (movie)
Blushless Motor KV3700 / KV4200 11T ESC(Quark 22A) 9.57MB
NRX-18 (movie)
Blushless Motor KV4800 21T ESC(NAM-NAM) 9.37MB

Useful Guidance and Notes
Motor generates high heat under various running conditions by means of total weight, wheel dia, ground surface, running time, running speed & outside temp.Please pay keen attention to keep your Motor running with the surface temp around 65deg C MAX by setting Gear Ratio, Running Time, Body Ventilation, reduction of friction loss as well as additional cooling fan. If the Motor is running continuously over 90 deg C the inside magnets may occure power loss and arise peel-off magnets in worse for total damages.