Provides smooth lubricity to the parts where hardly lubricate by silicon, molybdenum, or fluorine types of lubricant.

Special Feature:
Usual osmosis lubricant did not used to have long lasting lubricating effect and did not used to be effective for extreme pressure lubrication. GIGA LUBE as outstanding multipurpose oil is essentially formulated with premium quality for heavy-duty requirements and will give long lasting results. This product forms osmosis special molecular layer by electrical ion generated from contact friction with metal, and gives high pressure-resistant and smooth lubricity semi permanently. This molecular layer will last for a period of time even after the oil is run out so it keeps lubrication under high pressure. Therefore, the layer will protect a lubricated part from initial abrasion, burning, a creak, abrasion and damage, and provide smooth rotation and longer life to machines and their parts.

R/C Models - Model Engine - Power-Motor - Gear - Bearing - Valve - Press - Conveyor - Vehicle - Bicycle - Mold - Spring - Chain - Wire - Electric Fun - Fishing Equipment - Machines Tool & Tools - Hunting Equipment - Skis - Skates - Other sport equipment - AV Equipment - Sewing Machine - Knitting Machine
- Other Household Electrical Machines etc.
Giga Lube is recommended to use for metal parts and bearings of R/C models, also for driving parts of model engine and power motors. It is effective for moisture proof and rust prevention of metal surface. It is also recommended for loosening rust nuts and rust bolts. On this case drop small amount of Giga Lube and leave it a few minutes, then loosening ruts or bolts.
Content: mineral oil, rust preventive agent and anti friction composition
JPY 580- PJ-0005 Giga Lube, Multi purpose lubricant 20ml

Harsh Experiment proves endurance of Lubrication Molecular Layer !!
Friction Experiment Under Extreme Pressure.
Gives 30sec friction at 2000 lbs pressure.
During rotation at 2000 lbs pressure, wash out the rotating part with chemical cleaner. There is NO Burning Spot!
During rotation at 2000 lbs pressure, burn rotating part with gasoline. (900`1100oF)
There is NO Burning Spot!!
During rotation at 2000 lbs pressure, wash out the rotating part with boiling water.
There is No Burning Spot and still Rotating Smoothly.
Left : Usual Lubricant
Abrasion after 30sec of rotation at 700 lbs pressure.
Abrasion after 30sec of rotation at 2000 lbs pressure.
Abrasion Point With Friction Experiment Under Extreme Pressure.

Graph of relationship between Coefficient of friction and Pressure.
Experiment Report

Y axis : coefficient of friction (Max)
X axis : lbs
1. GIGA LUBE is especially effective for extreme pressure lubrication.
2. GIGA LUBE avoids abrasion, heat and burning.
3. GIGA LUBE has only 0.07 coefficient of friction while usual lubricant has 0.30 coefficient of friction!!
4. GIGA LUBE is tough on heat.
5. GIGA LUBE is hard to react with other chemical.
6. GIGA LUBE forms durable Lubrication Molecular Layer.
7. GIGA LUBE avoids rust and decay for long period of time
8. GIGA LUBE forms heat-resistant Lubrication Molecular Layer.
Rotating speed : 1200rpm
Pressure : 20lbs/min
Temp. : Room temperature