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New Products from Hot Works
Hot Works

Coming in end of October
In addition to current seven models, Hot Works will release TM10 and TM11 series end of October with eight colors. Recent released TM04 and 07, also individual Brake Disk type Wheel Hex Adapter are sold very well and now Wheel Hex Adapter is out of stock temporally. It will be available end of September.

Now Available
Powers GT-1700R

High capacity but economical price
Powers GT-1700R Ni-Cd stick pack was out of stock for a while, but now available! It has been very popular since it was released because of its reasonable price and practical quality. Silicone wire, Tamiya-style connector and temperature sensor slot are equipped.

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*RC WORLD Oct. Color Color ... black-and-white
*RC Magazine Oct. Color
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New Product from Echo !!
Echo MDx Precision Spur Gear 64 Pitch
Coming in September

64 Pitch of Echo Spur Gear will be available early September. Using the best material in the market and satisfies every necessary factor for the perfect spur gear. Every even number is available from 84 teeth to 114 teeth.

Now available!!

Mini Power Carbon Print Color Steering Wheel round type
A great hit, Carbon Print Color Steering Wheel has been out of stock for a while, but now available. D-type are going to be discontinued when current stock run out. Foam pad of steering part is so soft and comfortable and it provides smooth handling.

Now available!!
Hot Works

New designs, TM04 and TM07 are now available.
Long-awaited Hot Works wheels, TM04 & 07 series are now available!!
Along with this new release, all the models including TM08 and TM09 are sold in four pieces of wheels without brake disk type wheel hex adapter. All items are in eight colors, and other colors are going to be discontinued when current stock run out. Brake disk type wheel hex adapter is available individually in five colors, so you can choose various combinations from the lineup.

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New Products from Take Off !!
Take Off

Multi Adaptor

For RC car setup and modification
Take Off's new item, Multi adaptor is useful as extension parts for multi purpose, for example it is used to change mounting position of damper end. Two lengths are available, 5.5mm and 7.5mm. Made of hard aluminum and six colors are available.

Renewal of Excel website
EXCEL New Item List

Excel released many new items since they were introduced to the World.
Not only Barracuda's custom parts, but also they produce wide purpose products, like battery bars, body, and ceramic ball bearings. Please take a look at new pages.