New Release from Cross!!
Cross 1/12 Scale Body
body for MINI-Z, polycarbonate

Lightweight 1/12 scale body. Sharp design is developed from aerodynamic research. Quick in corners and stable on straights! Protective film makes painting easy.
Polycarbonate bodies for Kyosho MINI-Z
Optional polycarbonate bodies for Kyosho MINI-Z is released from Cross. Detailed design and light weight body give cool driving. Included T-bars and adjustable front bumper enables wheel arch adjustment.

New Release from Echo!!

Motor bearing oil is released from Echo. Unique formula makes special lubrication and ultra low friction. Oil for both metal bearings and ball bearings are available.

New Distributors!!

Power-House has just started with three professional staffs that have many experiences in racing. Now we are supporting many major R/C races and very actively joining to international races. Also we are importing products of Powers International, Schumacher, CS-electronic, Fantom, etc..., and we are making hot-up options. Please call us for more information.

New Release from Echo!!
ECHO JC High Pressure Insert

JC High Pressure Insert is now available with normal thickness. Now the all JC molded inserts are available with two thicknesses and three kinds of hardness. Check how to choose the best insert with the Echo Molded Insert Instruction Chart.

New Release from Powers!!
Powers Official Decal, Set A Set B
Coming in mid-Nov

Powers Official Decal Set 2002
Powers new decal, 2002 model will be released soon.
Available in two types, A and B. Both include wing decal, side decal, R-3300 logo decal and character decal. Two sheets with different design are included in each set. Plenty of fluorescent yellow is used.

New Distributors!!

Hobby Performance Centre is one of the main R/C car products distributor in Malaysia. Check out the new Powers International products at your local R/C shop or call us for more information.
Pit Shop is the first RC hobby shop in the Philippines catering to more high-quality RC products for racing. We distribute many race ready products such as Powers, Novak, Team Orion, Pro-line and others. We also organize 1/10 touring car races, both nitro and electric at our racetrack, Capitol Speedway.

New Release from Take Off!!
Take Off M3 CSK Socket Screw
Coming in end-Oct.

M3 CSK Socket Screw is added to Super Light Weight Series.
CSK Head Screw is added to titanium socket screw series. Its deeper socket improved the durability. Available in 8, 10, 12, 15mm. Highly reliable airplane material is used.

New Release from Powers!!
Powers R-3300
Coming in mid-Dec

Year 2002 model, 3300mAh battery development is in progress.
Powers is releasing R-3300, the successor of GT-3000R. High capacity, high voltage and high stability cell. Coming in Mid-December. We will be updating the information regarding this new cell on this site.

New Release from Take Off!!
Take Off 64MAX Suspension Hinge Pin Set
Coming in end-Oct.

Fourth from 64 MAX Series
Suspension Hinge Pin with 64MAX, the high density 64 titanium, is released. Hinge pin sets are available for many cars from many manufacturers. Sold in clear case. E-clips included.

New Release from Take Off!!
Take Off M3 Button Socket Screw
Coming in mid-Oct.

Button Socket Screw is added to Super Light Weight Series.
M3 Titanium Button Head Socket Screw will be released in mid-Oct. Its deeper socket improved the durability. Available in the sizes 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20mm. Used material is same, highly reliable airplane material.

New Release from Echo!!
ECHO JC High Pressure Insert

Next to the High Traction Insert, new High Pressure Inserts are added to JC molded insert series.

New Release from Cross!!
Cross Flash Pylon

Flash Pylon from Cross. Bright color, easy to see, soft edge, and available in 4 fluorescent colors: Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow.

New Release from Echo!!
ECHO MDx 3000 Motor for Ni-MH, type TS
Spare armature for MDx 3000, type TS
MDx 3000 Motor for Ni-MH,, type T Hand-wound

New TS-type is added to MDx3000 motor series.
Next to high torque T-type motor, Echo releases more RPM TS-type motor. Good balance of torque, acceleration and high RPM makes this motor all-rounder. MDx 3000 T-type with hound-wound armature is also released.

Big News!!
Powers International now starts distributing Cross products exclusively.
Cross Fire Force, 1/10 EP Racing Car Kit will be displayed in Chicago Hobby Show 2001 (Sept. 6-9). Please visit Schumacher USA & Powers USA booth in the show.

New Release from Powers!!
Powers POWERS Bath Towel
Soft and smooth bath towel from Powers.Good absorption.Feasible for a pit towel too.
The bright purple logo stands out from the white towel makes your pit-table look splendid.

Powers GT-3000R is approved by IFMAR.
News!! Powers GT-3000R is approved by IFMAR.
As a result of the postal vote #E08-2001 by EFRA, FEMCA and ROAR, IFMAR approved the GT-3000R for the use at the 2001 Electric Off Road World Championship.

New Release from Take Off!!
Take Off 64MAX Accurate Shim Set
A super accurate shim set will be released from Take Off. The super material 64MAX makes light, durable and accurate shim. This accuracy is only possible with 64MAX.

New Distributor in Australia!!
Bolt-on Performance starts distributing Powers products in Australia.
Bolt-on Performance is the leading importer and distributor of high quality radio control products. We have been servicing the Hobby industry for over a decade now. If you have any questions please e-mail us for assistance.

New Release from Echo!!
ECHO MDx Gold Battery Bar
  MDx Battery Box
MDx Gold Battery Bar & MDx Battery Box will be released in Mid-July. Echo will start shipping them on July 15th. Please contact your local dealer or the distributor for details.

New Release from Take Off!!
Take Off 64MAX Body Lock Up Clip
  64MAX Long Under Body Pin
Second series from 64 Max will be released on June 27th.
New 64 MAX Body Lock Up Clip & 64 MAX Long Under-Body Pin will be released. Using super material "64 MAX," these items have a most durable and super light weight body, yet has idealistic elasticity.

New item number for Echo products.
Item number of all Echo products has been changed. Check the Echo page for new item numbers.

New product information: Take Off
New from Take Off, the 64Max Project has just started.
The 64Max Series is made with super material "64Maximum," which is far beyond titanium. It is super durable, super hard and fully satisfies customers' needs.