New Release from Powers
Powers Perfect Battery 8.4V: 500AR 500mAh, 7 cell stick pack
Perfect Battery 9.6V: 500AR 500mAh, 8 cell stick pack

Affordable 500AR Ni-Cd batteries
Powers introduces two types of 500AR size Ni-Cd batteries, which are suitable for electric airplanes and electric guns. These small bodies realize both outstanding power and punch, also high capacity. Female connector is included.

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New Products from Take Off !!
Take Off

The spring holder

Take off releases unique and useful product; fish shaped "The Spring Holder". 4 set of shock spring could be stored neatly and tenderly. Made of hard foam urethane.

New Release from Hot Works !!
Hot Works

Coming in end of June
Two new designs with eight colors are added!
Two new designs, TM04 and 07 are added to the Hot Works wheels lineup. This time all the models will be in four pieces of wheels only, with eight colors except TM02. Brake disks will be released soon individually, so you can choose various combinations from the lineup. Enjoy dressing your R/C models up and display. Existing "wheel with brake disk" models will be discontinued when current stock will run out.

New Release from Powers
Powers Powers R-3300 "Super 330" Ni-MH Battery, 24 cell

The "Super 330" beyond the R-3300Z3
Powers Proudly introduce "Super 330" cells. This is the new version of R-3300, non-zapped, but contains more voltage than former R-3300Z3. 24 virgin cells are in a box, so it is useful for a lot of purposes, like 6 cell or 4cell stick packs.

The renewal of Echo website !!

Echo releases many new items this spring, spur gears, inserts, and dish wheel.
The spur gear uses the best material in the market and satisfies every necessary factor for the perfect spur gear. JC high traction insert is improved and JC competition insert is the new addition. Also MDx Super Precision wheel is released in 4 pcs and 8 pcs.

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New Products from Take Off !!
Take Off

"Spur Man", Spur Gear set up tool

Useful for Spur Gear Set Up
Take off's new item "Spur man" is designed to enable every driver to set up spur gear easily on the right position. The holder is attached to protect the taper parts. 3 colors are available.

New Products from Take Off!!
Take Off

Titanium Screw Set for Tamiya TRF415

The new addition to Take Off Titanium Screw Set series. Lightweight and Super durable screw set for Tamiya TRF415.

Now Available

Outstanding Multipurpose Lubricant
Super Lubricant "Giga Lube" has been sold out for a while but now available! Have you tried it already? This super lubricant forms osmosis special molecular layer with a drop and gives smooth lubricity under extreme high pressure.

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New Products from Take Off !!
Take Off

Motor Screw with heat sink

Take off releases unique product, Titanium Motor screw with integrated aluminum heat sink. This CSK screw is designed to radiate heat from motor with optimum thermal conductivity. 2 pieces in the bag, 6 colors are available.